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You will find out how to apply BWD Water Decoloring Agent to a Jar Test in this post.

About BWD Water Decoloring Agent produced by Bluwat Chemicals
A quaternary cationic polymer, it is a special product used for de-coloring, flocculating, and minimizing COD, along with other purposes. You can discover more information by clicking the link.

Let's start the test.

1. Make a BWD 2% (4 grams of BWD-01 with 96 grams of water).

2. Make a PAC 5% (17 grams of PAC with 83 grams of clean water).

3. Make a polyacrylamide 0.1%.

4. Take 200-500ml of effluent and adjust the pH to 7.5-9.5 (neutral or alkaline). (This step makes sure that the BWD-01 works best at the proper pH).

5. Mix BWD-01 solution completely into the effluent, and quickly stir about 1-3 minutes until color flocs form.

6. Mix PAC solutions completely into the effluent, and quickly stir about 1-3 minutes to promote floc development.

7. To make big flocs, include small quantities of Anionic Polyacrylamide solution, stir and mix slowly.

8. Sedimentation.

9. After letting it stand a few minutes, inspect the effluent color.

Some essential details you don't wanna miss.
1. To achieve better results, change the dose of BWD-01 and PAC to do more tests.
2. You may attempt either PAC or BWD first.
3. Stir for numerous minutes after adding each chemical.
4. Once all the actions have been completed, let the effluent settle for a few minutes, and after that examine its color and flocs.
5. Overdosage will lead to a light milk color in the processed water.
6. Typically, BWD is dosed after a biological process in order to lower the dosage and protect the bacterias.
7. Do not forget to follow our page to get more info about flocculants & coagulants.

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