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Chemicals involved in water purification and treatment schemes may vary. It all depends on the condition of the initial liquid and the requirements for the quality of the treated effluent. Typically, crucial processes in water purification and treatment include coagulation and flocculation. It is important to have high-quality reagents for their implementation.


Bluwat Chemicals is a manufacturer of water treatment chemicals in China. The company has been a market leader in water treatment for many years. Bluwat Chemicals offers a wide range of reagents, including coagulants and flocculants. The assortment can be explored in the "Products" section, featuring modern and safety-compliant products such as iron sulfate, polydadmac, and polyacrylamide. The products are certified and supplied to various countries.


Why collaborate with the manufacturer?


We are confident that you will appreciate our main advantage: Bluwat Chemicals is focused on a personalized approach. Here, an individual selection of reagents for your enterprise can be made. Additionally, the company strictly adheres to the supply regulations.



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