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Characteristics of the Painting Wastewater

The colored matter in the wastewater comes from the elements such as resin, pigments, fillers, solvents, and additives.  The liquid effluent is burdened with O&G, BOD, COD, TDS, Turbidity, TSS, etc.

Wastewater Treatment Process 

The treatment of wastewater released by the paint industry includes steps such as filtration, sedimentation, decantation, flotation and osmosis separation. The process of treating wastewater includes:

  1. 1. Primary Treatment
  2. 2. Secondary Treatment
  3. 3. Tertiary Treatment 

We run a jar test to show you. Check the Jar Test Video here:

Jar Test Process : 

1. Adjust Effluent pH to 7

2. Add Water Decoloring Agent

3. Add Polyacrylamide.

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