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Source: winery wastewater

Treatment Process: Through the biogas tank, using A-O process, aerobic section by traditional activated sludge process, secondary settling tank outlet water through treatment by water decolorizing agent and polyaluminium chloride

Water amount: 400 tons / day

Anaerobic effluent outlet parameter: COD = 720mg / l.  NH3-N= 330mg / l, aeration time: 6 hours a day, the amount of return sludge is too large

Adjustment as follows

1. Activated sludge concentration in Aerobic tank was extremely low, supplementing activated sludge

2. Insufficient aeration time, extended to 12 hours

3. The amount of return sludge was too large, adjusted to the appropriate sludge recycle ratio

4. The carbon nitrogen ratio was unbalanced, and 10 kg of glucose was added to the aerobic tank 


 secondary settling tank outlet water parameter compare


COD (mg/l)


Before adjustment



After adjustment




Created on:2019-09-05 18:03