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Plant-Based Dedorant



Product Introduction

This product is a natural plant deodorizer that uses natural plant ingredients such as vanilla, frankincense, lemongrass, and cloves as the main raw materials. It is formulated through extraction, purification, and fermentation processes with a mixture of certain surfactants.


Main Active Ingredients

  1. Vanillin
  2. Cinnamic acid
  3. Lauryl alcohol
  4. Alkaloids
  5. Others

The extracted solution contains active functional groups like conjugated double bonds, which can react with different odorous and foul-smelling gases, particularly targeting hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and other malodorous gases, for efficient removal.


  1. Decomposes and transforms odor sources
  2. Degrades organic substances in odor sources
  3. Reduces ammonia and nitrogen content
  4. Eliminates odors effectively
  5. Inhibits odor reoccurrence
  6. Targets hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and other malodorous gases


Experimental results have shown that this product can achieve a removal rate of 96% for ammonia and 90% for hydrogen sulfide, effectively reducing odor concentration.



Application Areas

This product is suitable for places that generate unpleasant odors such as

  1. Chemical plants
  2. Pharmaceutical factories
  3. Kitchen waste treatment plants
  4. Slaughterhouses
  5. Soy product factories
  6. Farms
  7. Sewage treatment plants
  8. Waste transfer stations
  9. Waste treatment facilities


  1. Facilitating the decomposition of organic pollutants, reducing BOD and COD, and purifying water quality.
  2. Enhancing the purification capacity of sewage treatment systems.
  3. Eliminating environmental odors and inhibiting the proliferation of harmful pathogens.