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A quick version of what's polyacrylamide. 

I. Definition

A. Polyacrylamide is a synthetic polymer

B. Made from the monomer acrylamide

C. Water-soluble compound


II. Applications

A. Water treatment

1. Used as a flocculant

2. Removes solids from water


B. Papermaking

1. Added to pulp to increase paper strength

2. Reduces the amount of fiber needed


C. Petroleum production

1. Used as a thickening agent in drilling mud

2. Improves efficiency of the drilling process

3. Used as a friction reducer in pipelines

4. Improves flow and reduces energy consumption


Bluwat produce high-quality polyacrylamide with anionic/cationic / non-ionic type and different molecular weight available. We can help you with product selection, technical support, and everything in between.





Created on:2023-03-21 14:39