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Wastewater Information

From: Chemical Industry



Test Process

  1. Prepare water decoloring agent 2% solution, PAC  5% solution, PAM 1‰ solution
  2. Dilute wastewater at 1:1000
  3. Take 80ml diluted wastewater, dose BWD-01 water decoloring agent solution 1ml, stir evenly
  4. Add 0.25ml PAC solution, stir evenly Correct pH to neutral Add anionic polyacrylamide, stir slowly until large flocs come up, sludge generate, the effluent became clear


Test Result

  1. The color can be successfully removed by water decoloring agent with anionic PAM, water decoloring agent dosage amount 250ppm






Created on:2019-09-05 17:15