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Fiberglass factory effluent with Blufloc Flocculant

Update time:2016-07-15 08:11:46Clicks:1673

The effluent from manufacturing reaching flotation system was highly polluted COD up to 10000mg/l. For

pollutants removal factory used coagulant ferric chloride with dosage 3kg/m3 and Blufloc with dosage 1-

5g/m3. The results were satisfying, but coagulant usage was very high and thus expensive. Ferric chloride

in this case was stored in 1m3 tanks and took big place in WWTP. Also ferric chloride is aggresive liquid with

special storage conditions.

Our technicians found that instead of ferric chloride better to use special kind of bentonite as coagulant.

The dosage was approx. 1-1,5kg/m3 and the results were good. Bentonite is a powder non agressive non

toxic. The factory switched from ferric chloride to bentonite. The treatment cost was lower, less sludge after

treatment with flotator was produced.

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